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Our vision provides us with the clear sense of direction as we enter in the industry with our efficient Leadership. Take a look at an overview of the services that we provide.


Business partners association for Indo-german collaborations

Selecting the right form of entity is crucial for any investor as this has serious implications on the rights, growth potential, taxation and legal/financial liabilities thus becoming a challenging task. Usually, the medium sized companies rely on the support of experienced partners when entering new markets. Only a systematic, profound and professional approach of search and selection ensures a competent partner, who increases your chances of sales and profit on the markets. We are well acquainted to understand your needs and provide a valuable guidance in identifying the potential business partners , initial contracts and necessary follow up system. This service is provided to both German and Indian companies interested in seeking future Strategic partners .


Prior to entering a new market , it is advisable to study thoroughly aspects like Resource availability, Competition, demand estimations and economic infrastructure developments amongst others Market knowledge is an essential requirement in order to be successful. A thorough analysis of your competitors offers information on the price policy, customers’ structures, market shares, sales strategy, real net output ratio, manufacturing costs and financial power of your competitors. Thus we offer these services to the companies and also assist them in demand estimations, competition analysis, estimation of market potential, Market structure, size and growth rate(historical and projected) Available product/service offering, Key customers and customer segmentation, Market trends – drivers and challenges, Regulatory and tax aspects, research for policies and priorities for products.

investment in India and Germany

Based on our understanding of the target’s business, your objectives for the acquisition and considering the prevailing regulatory environment, we would suggest possible options/structures for investment in the target. We shall highlight issues that may be of importance to you that arise from our understanding of the various issues governing a possible transaction. For German companies keen to invest in India, we advise selection of business model and execute the company formation.We don’t work just as your consultants but more as your “Implementation Partners”.


Your business’s location is key to successful operations and overall growth. When choosing your location, we consider your company needs, customers, employees and equipment needed to complete the services, location planning , property search etc.

credit analysis / credit check

With trade being the blood line of B2B businesses, it is important to know how companies are working. If you start doing business with the company you do not know well or have doubts concerning the credit worthiness and operations of their existing business, it is advisable to obtain information in the reliability and financial status of the relevant companies. In this uncertain world, credit checks and credit ratings become an important tool in reducing business risks. At Kontakt India, we offer you the facility of conducting the third party verification and the credit check report conducted by the external agency.


HR and Recruitment Services

Interim Chief Financial Officer Highly qualified personnel is available in India and thus it is possible to make the optimum utilization of the resource. Utmost care and neutrality have to be maintained throughout all recruitment projects. One of the most important factors of running a successful business is acquisition of qualified local staff. We aid to provide for efficient human resource and recruitments for your effective operations and business.

participation in corporate and cultural events

Many organizations are discovering that where people choose to attend Corporate and cultural events can be crucial to developing effective strategies for reaching broader and more diverse audiences. We provide a diverse platform to participate in corporate and cultural events

interim chief financial officer

The role of the Interim CFO is challenging since we are often engaged during very serious business crises. Clients frequently engage CFO during periods of high growth, or perhaps major financial losses and declining revenues, instability in the finance or business organization, or CFO turnover. In such situations, our role is critical, in both content and the way in which we perform services.


Legal Services and Government Approvals

Business registrations differ by territory, industry and type of operation. We assist our clients by obtaining all the necessary registrations within clear timeframes and the required Legal services and approvals.

Identification of relevant tax and legal issues

We provide for understanding of India’s complex regulatory regime and compliance requirements and can help your company address its regulatory needs for the purpose. We aid you in pan card applications and the required support to file the returns

I.t. support services

The necessity to integrate emerging technologies in an evolving IT landscape has never been stronger. To enable this, we help you in providing necessary IT support services that are required to build a robust system, control maintenance costs, improve end-user experience and upgrade hardware and software to facilitate responsiveness.


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