Bundesverband Mittelständische Wirtschaft (BVMW) – Federal Association of Small and Medium sized Enterprises is Germany’s largest association for SME’s. We represent more than 270,000 SME’s with about 9 million employees. Our network of 330+ regional and local offices is located in Germany.

BVMW makes 700,000 business contacts per year and held more than 2000 events per year. BVMW concentrates the power of small and medium-sized businesses. We fight for an improved economic and political framework at national as well as at regional and local levels.

We influence legal bills and regulations and create a platform for the opinions of SMEs. Nearly sixty percent of all employees in Germany work for SMEs and the “German Mittlelstand” contributes 52% of total economic output.

Our values represent the core of our beliefs and how we want to operate together as a company and as a individual. Our vision provides us with the clear sense of direction as we enter in the industry with our efficient Leadership. Our Mission embodies what we seek to accomplish in our day-to-day operations and activities

Objectives and values

  • Integrity in Thought   and Action
  • Work Together to Achieve Common Goal

Our vision

  • To Create Strong Relations with Trust and Integrity
  • Hand Holding from Inception to Execution

Our mission

To Encourage, Monitor, Coordinate and Enhance the Indo-German Collaborations.




Manoj is a Chartered Accountant, Cost & Management Accountant and American Certified Public Accountant.

Has 30 years experience of working in international environment, manufacturing industries and infrastructure management.

Leading multinational teams, cross-cultural sensitivity & mentoring of employees.

Working closely together with Indo-German Chamber of Commerce, MCCIA, Confederation of Indian Industries, Goethe Institute, DAAD & Business Colleges.

Daniel RAJA

Daniel RAJA

Daniel Raja has a strong understanding of the economic and political culture across India and Germany, which has helped him help his clients get the best out of their investments over the years. He has successfully helped not only European MNCs, but also SMEs grow their investments in India.

Jayada samudra

Jayada samudra

Working Experience in areas of accounting of service tax, TDS, VAT, Variance analysis, GL analysis, Penalty calculations, GCM Number Creation, Prepaid Expenses, vendor creation, Vendor Payments, 3 way mismatch, certain areas of imports and exports, etc. at Alfa Laval India Ltd

Experience of teaching costing , economics , secretarial practice in an established management institution